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Jaap Blonk (NL) - Voice
John Chantler (AU) - Modular Synth
Serge Corteyn (DE) - Guitar
Rhodri Davies (GB) - Harp

Émilie Girard-Charest (CN) - Cello
Gaile Griciute (LT) - Prepared Piano
Florian Hartlieb (DE) - Computer
Richard Lerman (US) - Piezzo, Hydrophone
Seán Mac Erlaine (IE) - Woodwinds
Bart Maris (BE) - Trumpet
Jérôme Noetinger (FR) - Tape Machine

 Pablo Paredes (CL) - Keyboards
Carolin Pook (DE/US) - Violin
Michael Vatcher (US) - Drums
Simon Whetham (GB) - Field Recordings
Marta Zapparoli (IT) - Radio Waves
Achim Zepezauer (DE) - Drumcomputer, Electronics, Acoustics, Words

Pablo Paredes (CL) - Mastering
Guida Ribeiro (PT) - Website Developing

About the slotmachine:

The Slotmachine is a project by Achim Zepezauer, based on a picture of a crayon-painted slot machine. Clicking the start button activates the machine to randomly combine pre-produced recordings (of 45 seconds length) within three slots. Instead of typical fruits in the display, you would see photos attached to the specific sounds by the artists responsible for content. Even the names of the "songs" are put together by the single names each artist had chosen for their recordings. The vinyl release on Gruenrekorder documents the project with a selection from 13 artists and 158 recordings, that offered a possibility of 3.944.312 combinations. The online-slotmachine has the ability to grow and contains at the date of the vinyl release (february 1st, 2019) four more artists and a total of 225 recordings, providing some 11.390.625 possible titles. Visit to discover the project yourself. You can either simply press start and get surprised or deactivate auto-play to make a selection.

There are four ways to support the project. You can (1) write a sweet mail to Achim, (2) share it with others, or (3) donate via paypal at the donate-button or you can (4) purchase a 10“ vinyl copy of some best-of combinations, picked by Achim. The record is available at Gruenrekorder or right here, per mail, or elsewhere.

Das Webseiten-Projekt "slotmachine" von Achim Zepezauer basiert auf dem Bild einer gemalten Slotmachine, auch One-Armed-Bandit oder Spielautomat genannt. Per Klick auf den Startbutton werden in den drei Spalten via Zufallsauswahl vorproduzierte Aufnahmen generiert und stets neu kombiniert. Anstelle der typischen Symbole auf den Drehrädern erscheinen dazu Fotos, die jeweils für eine Aufnahme stehen. Sogar die Namen der "Songs" werden durch die einzelnen Titel zusammen gefügt, die die Künstler ihnen gegeben haben. Die Vinyl-Produktion via Gruenrekorder dokumentiert dieses Projekt mit einer Auswahl von 13 Künstlern und 158 Aufnahmen, die 3.944.312 Kombinationsmöglichkeiten bieten. Die Online-Variante hat die Fähigkeit zu wachsen und verfügt jetzt sogar über vier weitere Künster und insgesamt 225 Aufnahmen, die 11.390.625 Kombinationen ermöglichen. Besuchen sie und entdecken sie das Projekt. Dazu genügt ein Klick auf Start, um sich überraschen zu lassen oder sie können "Auto-Play" deaktivieren, um händisch zu selektieren.

Es gibt vier Möglichkeiten, dieses Projekt zu unterstützen. Man kann (1) eine nette Mail an Achim schreiben, (2) die Slotmachine weiterempfehlen, oder (3) über den Donate-Button per Paypal spenden oder man kann (4) eine Schallplatte erwerben, die es bei Gruenrekorder,
hier, per mail, or anderswo gibt.

Jaap Blonk: "I just listened to it and I really like it. Good job!"
Richard Lerman: "Looks and Sounds Great....And I won 10,000€ !"
Seán Mac Erlaine: "I kept trying but couldn't find one combination that didn't work amazingly well!!!"
NM in ElectronicSound: "Visit for hours of fun."


Brian Morton (The Wire 421, March 2019):
Achim Zepezauer is a relatively recent member of German ensemble The Dorf, the most interesting big band in Europe. His electronics are always vividly detailed and atmospheric, but their most striking characteristic is how neatly and they fit into the band’s sprawlingly exuberant aesthetic.
The is something different, a programme of 30 collaborative pieces, all of them approximately three quarters of a minute in length, programmed into an online 'slot machine‘ that allows the user to play simultaneous combinations of three. It’s compelling stuff and could become a dangerous habit. Zepezauer has assembled a network of collaborators, including sound poet Jaap Blonk, woodwind master Seán Mac Erlaine, harpist Rhodri Davies and drummer Michael Vatcher (just the best known of the dozen participants) to create the basic sounds and textures. Track titles are derived from the musicians’ own labelling: hence „Chicago Glysophat Cheeks“ which sounds like the reviving of a dysfunctional garage band, „Raw Women Emerge“ which is plinky strings and drum rolls, and „Wheezychords Instead Trioledad“, a minxy backbeat over what sounds like cracklebox and organ.
The sound library effect is sometimes mitigated by something that sounds like it might be fighting its way towards a song, like „Hoppla Drum Schlepp“, but it doesn’t make more than fleeting sense to think of these tracks in isolation. It’s when the barrels start to spin and they come together in ever more exotic combinations that the project begins to fly. Zepezauer has a great sense of humour. His various Knu! projects, including 2015’s brilliant My Horse Doesn’t Give A Shit (which is like a punk Brötzmann trio or Mats Gustafsson at his most unhinged) always leave a smile on the face, and not just because of the funny titles and covers. Zepezauer takes a palpable exuberance to his manipulations. They may not make a damned bit of musical sense, but they’re endlessly - in this case literally endlessly - entertaining.

-- And now to something competely conceptual, a new way of interactive composition technique introduced by Achim Zepezauer and his Kuhzunft project which results in this 10" to be released on the Gruenrekorder-imprint on February 1st, 2k19. All 30 - sic !!! - under one minute tracks on this one have been composed as a collage using a virtual slotmachine of sorts filled with 158 45 second recordings provided by a set of 13 different artists including the likes of Jaap Blonk, Jérôme Noetinger, John Chantler, Zepezauer himself and many more which are then randomly layered with the program to create a full blown collage of three simultaneously played tunes. The results are, despite way too short to be characterized as tracks, a kind of slightly chaotic set of miniatures, in parts fully experimental and hardly comprehensible, of seemingly electroacoustic nature, resembling bits that could've emerged from early experimental music labs like the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, getting into PostRock, Future DarkJazz or pure feedback driven areas or even touch Ambient and Lo(west)-Fi Electronics realms at times, providing a demanding, yet defo fascinating listening experience for die-hard fans of full-on experimentalism and conceptual novelty music. -- Baze.DJunkiii for

-- Achim Zepezauer collects 158 45-second recordings from artists as diverse as Rhodri Davies and Simon Whetham, and runs them through a Slotmachine. This is about as weird as it gets, a further expansion of Gruenrekorder, designed for the disorientation of Las Vegas' neon lights. -- Richard Allen for A Closer Listen

Photographers Credits:

Unless otherwise noted, the artists themselves took the photos or paintings etc.. for their sounds.
André Symann: Photos of Achim Zepezauer / Michael Vatcher
Sabine Niggemann: Photos of Jérôme Noetinger / Achim Zepezauer
Th.C.White / Tobias Daemgen / Daniel Kämper: Photos of Achim Zepezauer
Liz Racz: Drawings for Jérôme Noetinger
Daaryl Feehely: Photos of Rhodri Davies broken things (Horsehair, metal, gut, nylon)
Warren Orchard: Photo of Rhodri Davies
Photos of Jaap Blonk: Cheeks: Lisette Stalenhoef / Commercials: unknown (1982) / Frying: Marco Douma / Humhum: Masha Bakker / Lanketrrgll: Jochen Roeder / Oh: Raoul van der Weide / Oneandonly: Irena Jorgensen / Ploff: Martín Gubbins / Ptk: Jaap Blonk / Rages: Paola Scagliotti
Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh: Photos of Seán Mac Erlaine
Michelle Browne: Photos of Seán Mac Erlaine
Myles O’Reilly: Photos of Seán Mac Erlaine
Frieda Hartlieb: Drawings for Florian Hartlieb

Jaap Blonk
John Chantler
Serge Corteyn
Rhodri Davies
Émilie Girard-Charest
Gailė Griciūtė
Florian Hartlieb
Richard Lerman
Seán Mac Erlaine
Bart Maris
Jérôme Noetinger
Pablo Paredes
Carolin Pook
Michael Vatcher
Simon Whetham
Marta Zapparoli
Guida Ribeiro


Thank you Roland Etzin & Lasse-Marc Riek from Gruenrekorder
Thank you Guida Ribeiro for the help with the website.
Thank you Angelika von Ammon.
Thank you Maria Trautmann & Sindy Tscherrig & Lisa Balzer.
Thank you everybody else for helping and being involved in any way.

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